Live Plays in Calgary

NEXT in the BSMT

After a string of successful horror based productions, including a packed Comic Con panel, the Theatre BSMT team is hard at work planning the next horror theatre experience for Calgary. Providing our audiences with opportunities to experience horror in unique and safe ways takes time, so we thank you for your patience as excitement has be growing for what comes next.

We have had lots of feedback so far, but we don't want it to stop! Horror is a genre that constantly keeps it's audience in mind, so if you've seen a Theatre BSMT show and want to share some thoughts, send them to our General Inquires email or give us a shout on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

From all of us here at BSMT, we'd like to wish you a safe and happy summer! Stay tuned, as exciting announcements are just around the corner...

-Ryan Reese, Artistic Director