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It's the moment you've all been waiting for... Here is our 2016/2017 season!

The Underneath by Kelleen Conway Blachard
October 6-8, 13-15 2016 Mamdani Opera Centre *Canadian Premiere

Something monstrous is bubbling up at the new waterpark. Something icky is making Tina, misunderstood girl genius, uneasy—her little sister Winnie has a piece of tentacle in a jar that hisses, her mom Denise is taking too many pills, and the local Sheriff can’t bake enough crumb cakes to make himself feel better about the body parts washing up on the shore. And just what does the fry cook at Salty’s Sea Palace have in his pants? Welcome to the world of The Underneath.

“A B-Horror movie on stage, The Underneath is prime example of how horror theatre can be an absolute blast. Campy, raunchy, scary and hilarious elements all work together to deliver the perfect Halloween excursion people in Calgary crave.” – Ryan Reese, Artistic Producer

The Curing Room by David Ian Lee – In partnership with Theatre Outré
February 27-March 4 (Lethbridge) March 6-11(Calgary) 2017 *North American Premiere

In the Spring of 1944, seven Soviet soldiers are captured by the Germans in Nazi-occupied Poland, imprisoned naked and without possessions in the empty basement of a monastery - then abandoned by their captors. Stripped of their uniforms and all ties to the world before, the survivors of Colonel Petrov’s Special Reserve Forces abandon and ultimately redefine their concepts of order, society, and human nature. As soldiers of a post-revolutionary Russia how do they reconcile rank, faith, dignity and humanity in such extraordinary circumstances? Powerful, thought-provoking and truly haunting, The Curing Room is a taut, gritty and intense thriller that absolutely refuses to flinch. To up the ante, The Curing Room is inspired by a true story.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be partnering with our friends at Theatre Outré to produce this incredible play in both of our communities. I have never had a more visceral, gut reaction when reading a play than when I powered through The Curing Room. Its totally unforgiving nature and willingness to explore what it means to survive makes it a perfect fit with out new mandate. Dark, gritty, dirty and unknown- The Curing Room fits it all” – Kyle Schulte, Artistic Director

BSMT Dwellers Playwriting Competition – Deadline to submit scripts November 31, 2016
June 2017 *World Premiere

Theatre BSMT`s esteemed playwriting competition returns in a bold new fashion. From now on, we are requesting Alberta`s playwrights to send us their most terrifying scripts. Using our new mandate as a guideline, we hope to expose the demand for new offerings of horror theatre, a genre which upon further research has a surprising number of Canadian contributions.

“The BSMT Dwellers Playwriting Competition is the cornerstone of our company we could not leave it behind as we evolved. I am very excited to focus the competition on horror/thriller based scripts and can’t wait to see what comes out of the shadows! Recent winners include The Only Good Boy by Chelsea Woolley and Before the Night Takes Us by Ryan Reese.” – Kyle Schulte, Artistic Director

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