theatre BSMT

Now in our 8th season, Theatre BSMT returns with a poignant drama by celebrated Canadian playwright Brian Drader. LIAR challenges our thoughts on power, assumption and influence by investigating human interactions.

Sherri’s estranged brother, Jeremy, fell to his death from a rooftop while in the company of Mark, a mysterious drifter. Since Jeremy’s death, Mark has insinuated himself into Sherri and her husband Ben’s lives. After knowing him for only a matter of hours, Sherri and Ben are completely charmed by Mark, divulging secrets with devastating results.

October 6-10, 8PM at Motel Theatre at Arts Commons. $25 General Admission, $20 Students and Seniors


Carolyn Ruether as Sherri

Grayson Ogle as Ben

Corey Joyce as Mark

Simon Tottrup as Jeremy

Director: DJ Gellatly

Set/Costume/Lighting Design: Lisa Floyd

Sound Design: Aidan Lytton

Stage Manager: Melanie Crawford

Tickets are available at the door or can be reserved by email at

When reserving tickets by email, be sure to specify which performance you will be attending as well as how many tickets you wish to reserve. You will be emailed a confirmation ID once your reservation has been received.