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Millie and Mo by Adeel Salman – February 19, 2015 at 8pm

Director: Kyle Schulte

Millie: Jocelyn Brayne

Mo: Amy Dettling

The play Millie and Moe is about afterlife and death. It deals with how the rational mind tries to justify, understand and respond to these concepts. It is the story of two young women who have just died and are experiencing afterlife.

Millie and Moe was submitted to the 2014 BSMT Dwellers Playwriting Competition. The play was developed under the mentorship of Lucy Thurber in New York. It has gone through several rewrites and two readings done at Cannon Theater and Dixon Place, New York.

Ascending the Blue by Ryan Reese – February 20, 2015 at 8pm

Director: Amy Dettling

Smith: Dj Gellatly

At the climax of the American Civil War, a seasoned war fighter and a young French Canadian endure one of the bloodiest conflicts to ever take hold of North America. As they prepare to face the enemy, their interactions and observations of one another begin to reveal that their destinies are on a collision course.

Ryan Reese is the winner of our 2014 BSMT Dwellers Playwriting Competition for his script Before the Night Takes Us which we will be producing in May 2015. Before the Night Takes Us and Ascending the Blue were both winners of the Discovery Prize for the Alberta Playwrights’ Network Playwriting Competition.

Brother Ry by Steven Owad – February 21, 2015 at 8pm

Director – Kathryn Smith

Gary Wild feels stuck. At 19, he has no dreams except to escape the ennui of his own life. An armed robbery will test his mettle. Phil and Clint want more than money. There's a past secret that Gary will have to confront if he wants to stay alive. It has to do with his brother, Ry, who is both a family hero and a victim of crippling mental illness. Can Gary and Ry scrape together the self-awareness that is needed in order to survive?

Steven Owad was the winner of our 2013 BSMT Dwellers Playwriting Competition for his script The Basement Boys which won Best New Script at the 2014 Critter Awards.  The Basement Boys also received 3 other nominations at the 2014 Critter Awards including Best Director (Chelsey Fawcett), Best Supporting Actor (Dj Gellatly), and Best Actor in a Leading Role (Greg Wilson).

Before the Night Takes Us

by Ryan Reese

Winner of our third annual BSMT Dwellers Playwriting Competition!

May 6 - 9, 2015

at the MOTEL in the EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts

Director: Kyle Schulte

Stage Manager: Melanie Crawford

Producer: Chelsey Fawcett

Lighting Designer/Technical Director: Troy Couillard

Sound Designer: Aidan Lytton

Dramaturgical assistance provided to the winner by our friends at Alberta Playwright’s Network.