Theatre BSMT is a Calgary based theatre company committed to engaging audiences through authentic visceral experiences derived from exploring the art of horror. We strive to fill a niche in our community by presenting new and recently established works that embody the basement: Dark, gritty, dirty and unknown.

Copyright ©  Theatre BSMT. All rights reserved.

Copyright ©  Theatre BSMT. All rights reserved.


Theatre BSMT is seeking proposals for short performance installations for a new horror theatre event on October 25 & 26. We are seeking a wide variety of submissions; theatre, art, poetry, dance, roving performances, spoken word, music, we want it all!

Proposals should be based around satirical interpretations of sin (seven deadly sins, modern sin, whatever can be made funny and/or frightening counts!). Submissions should also consider Theatre BSMT’s new mission statement, outlined below:

Just as horror can divide and stoke fear, all Theatre BSMT productions aim to reclaim the dread we humans experience, empowering our audiences by creating a safe space to experience fear.

- A short description of proposed performance (5-10 mins performance time), including a brief section that outlines how the proposal meets Theatre BSMT’s mission statement.
- Resumes of participating artists
- Please submit all proposals to with the subject heading EVENT PROPOSAL
- Deadline to submit is 11:59PM, SEPTEMBER 23.

Theatre BSMT encourages submissions from all backgrounds, genders and abilities. If you have any questions regarding submissions, please email