Theatre BSMT is a Calgary based theatre company committed to engaging audiences through authentic visceral experiences derived from exploring the art of horror. We strive to fill a niche in our community by presenting new and recently established works that embody the basement: Dark, gritty, dirty and unknown.

Copyright ©  Theatre BSMT. All rights reserved.

Copyright ©  Theatre BSMT. All rights reserved.

Theatre BSMT is committed to developing a safe, inclusive and diverse environment for all artists and audiences that choose to experience horror with us. With this commitment comes the uncomfortable task of looking inward at our organization’s shortcomings in addressing and contributing to systems of oppression and white supremacy. This pledge is the start of important work Theatre BSMT must do in order to abide by our mission to create safe spaces to experience fear, and this mission is not complete without including those who have been hurt by oppressive systems that continue to have a firm hold on our society.

We will make mistakes with this work. While apologies will come, action will follow to strengthen our policies. Below are the first steps, the first actions...

- All granting and funding applications moving forward will include a budget for anti racism and anti oppression training and resources

- On August 31, 2020, we committed to support the 35//50 Initiative, an initiative that seeks the support of arts organizations in Mohkinstsis - also known as Calgary - to reflect its diverse community by 2024-25

- We will keep record of artists and administrative persons who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ2+, female and non-binary within our organization, making said data public at the end of each production year (Publishing date for next year: August 31, 2021)

- In the coming weeks, we will be making our anti-harassment agreement public for viewing. This document is key in protecting contracted artists and staff, and each amendment of the document will be available for viewing and feedback 

- We will be open to feedback from patrons, artists and community members so that we may strengthen our accountability 

This pledge will continue to add steps, change, revise and grow as we learn and implement those lessons into the core of our company.