Cameron Freitas, What Lies Below

2019 Playwriting competition winner

Liam Salmon, Silence and the Machine

2017 Playwriting competition winner

Chelsea Woolley, The Only Good Boy

2016 Playwriting competition winner

BSMT Dwellers Playwrighting Competition

Contest Information

Past BSMT Dweller Winners

Cameron is a recent graduate of the Theatre Performance and Creation program at Red Deer College. His first written work, Box, co-written by Morgan Grau and Hannah Jackson, has been produced in various high schools across the province, and elsewhere, including Victoria and Medicine Hat. He believes What Lies Below... will move new and old audience members to seek out more plays within the genre. And when all is said and done? He knows that you'll leave with an experience like no other.

Chelsea Woolley is a playwright whose work includes: The Mountain (Geordie Productions), Dear The Government… (Newmarket National Play Festival), These Peaceable Kingdoms (New Words Festival), The Exhibition of Extraordinary Oddities and Living Freaks (Major Matt Mason) and, The Only Good Boy (Theatre BSMT). Chelsea’s work has been recognized through a number of national and provincial playwriting awards. Select honours include: The Ellen Ross Stuart Opening Doors Award, the Playwright Guild of Canada RBC Emerging Playwright Award (shortlisted), the Toronto Fringe New Play Contest, and The Alberta Playwriting Competition. In 2016, Chelsea attended the Banff Playwright’s Lab and in 2017, the National New Play Network’s MFA Playwright’s Workshop at the Kennedy Centre, in Washington, DC. She is a member of Nightwood Theatre’s 2017/18 Write from the Hip program, and the New Creation Unit with Theatre Direct. Chelsea recently completed a play called One Day in association with Red Door Family Shelter and eight teen writers living there. Chelsea is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada’s Playwriting Program.

Liam Salmon is a queer identified playwright based out of Edmonton, Alberta. His work has been seen at the New Works Festival, Nextfest, Edmonton Fringe, the Citadel Theatre, and Newmarket Ontario's 10 Minute Play Festival. He's won several awards across the country, and after Silence and the Machine's production by Theatre BSMT in Calgary, went on to graduate from the playwriting program at the National Theatre School of Canada. He's currently back in Edmonton working on several projects in development including as a producer on the Alberta Queer Calendar Project. 

Theatre BSMT Artistic Director Message

What Lies Below rose to the top in our playwriting competition on the basis of it's scale and elements of epic horror storytelling. Cameron has created the beginnings of a dark Lovecraftian world, full of mystery and industrial fear. We here at BSMT believe that What Lies Below is an ideal choice to support and develop further, in turn giving Calgarians a chance to glimpse original works of horror being built from the ground up.

Synopsis of What Lies Below 

Around the end of the 19th century, Europe is exploding with innovation and industry. Amidst the steam of the iron whistles a shadowy figure of the past emerges. The estranged son and heir of the Buckley household has come home. But with the burden of a tormented past, the echoes of memories liquifying the very air, and a mysterious letter written by a mother long since gone nothing is what it appears to be. Join Brennen on his investigation into the horrific factory that awaits; in a spiralling journey that begs the question: what truly lies below?

What was your experience working with Theatre BSMT?

"It was a great process for me if a little weird because I was never able to make it there in person. We were originally going to do the production in the summer, but because of timey-wime-grant stuff it ended up being in the fall when I was in school. Still - I was impressed how well we handled the distance and it felt like a great process overall where I was able to take the play to a new draft/forward!"

Theatre BSMT wants to read the horrors you are writing about! The horror theatre genre is an exciting creative playground, so if you have a script you feel fits with the Theatre BSMT mandate, send it our way!
The winning submissions receive workshop support, a cash prize and are considered for future Theatre BSMT programming. Theatre BSMT is Calgary's only Horror Theatre company and we believe it is important to help grow the genre by fostering an environment where The strange and unusual are more than welcome. 
Application Criteria: 
– Applicants must be an Alberta resident 
– The play should not have been previously produced in its current format
– Scripts written by more than one author are acceptable.
Scripts can be submitted by email (with “BSMT Dwellers” as the subject line) by MIDNIGHT on the day of the application deadline by email to *Late submissions will not be accepted*
Please include: 
– A cover letter describing the playwright(s) background, a brief synopsis of the play and how it aligns 
with Theatre              BSMT’s mandate
– Resume(s) of the playwright(s)
– One copy of the script (PDF Format)

What was your experience working with Theatre BSMT?

My script, The Only Good Boy, winner of the 2016 BSMT Dwellers Award will forever hold a place in my heart as being the script that signified a shift in my artistic practice. I am a writer who likes to play with structure. How can I make the audience feel what I what them to feel? How can I use the immediacy of a theatre space to tell the best story? The Only Good Boy was my first foray into testing these limitless possibilities. Since this play I have written a script that included buffon and clown, a script with humans pushing up through the earth, a script with 7 characters representing the chaos of single woman’s brain.  I am now working professionally in Toronto, exploring these ideas, and loving every moment.